Prices Artworks, indicated with O are for sale. At this site you will not find prices. Please write us, indicating the  name of the artist and the  page and number of the work, that you are interested in, We we will inform you as soon as possible. To give you some idea of the prices we categorized them in three categories :                                       O    . €     50  -  € 1000                                       O      € 1000  -  € 2500                                       O      € 2500    and  up Terms of Sale Basically Gallery Horizon is not an internet-store. We very much appreciate the personal contact with our clients. Although we made this site as attractive as possible, we think the pieces of art can only be judged properly in our gallery or at other places where they can be seen in reality. Gallery Horizon offers a unique satisfaction guarantee. If, unfortunately, a work does not satisfy you, when it has arrived in your home or business place, you have the right, during four weeks after the date of sale, to return this work to Gallery Horizon at your expense. You can choose a different work for the same price or choose a higher priced one and pay for the difference. If there is no work available of your choice, the money you paid will be held for one year at a bank-account of Galerie Horizon, as a deposit for a work of your choice within that year. There is no money-back guarantee. In principal the works have to be picked up at the gallery in Uden, The Netherlands, after full payment in cash or a bank transfer. Depending on the country of destination, special arrangements can be made for delivery.     55 © Galerie Horizon, 2012