In short Gallery Horizon represents artists of many nationalities. Russians, Armenians, Georgians, White Russians and Lithuanians. In their countries often well known, but not so in the West. All of them are graduated from different Art Schools. Gallery Horizon searches for contemporary art, that is based on the rich Russian traditions.  This can be found in subject, techniques, colorpalette and always an amazing professionalism. But, above all, the Russian Soul , Dusha. In Russian :  русская душа Russian impressionism and socialistic realism. After the Russian Revolution the repression was also invoked on the cultural expressions of the Russian people. Painters became labourers of the communistic state machinery. The government decided about what and how to paint. This resulted in a style that best can be described as Russian impresionism and social realism. Under Glasnost ( Gorbatchov ) free expression  became tolerated and in the last decade of the 20th century artists could realy feel free. Thanks to their good technical artistic education there were  hardly limits for their creativity.    LUK_3 58 © Galerie Horizon, 2012