© Galerie Horizon, 2012 14 Evgenijus Konovalovas was born in 1947 as Evgeny Konovalov ( Евгений Коновалов ) in Omsk, Russia. Since 1949 he lives in Vilnius, Lithuania. From 1963 through 1966 he attended the School for Fine Arts in Vilnius. During the years 1969 – 1972 he studied philology on Vilnius State University, where it definitely became clear to him that he was born to become an artist. After seven years of work for the National Museum, he established himself as an independent artist. He became a master in applying the difficult painting technique of glazing. Often he is inspired by religious and classical subjects. He calls himself a post-modernist. His magnificent works can be found in private collections in Lithuania, Poland, USA, Holland and Belgium. Unfortunately a serious illness ended his creative life in 2004.  In the honor to this magnificient artist and good friend we showe on this website practically all the works which were made for Galerie Horizon in the timeframe 1996 to 2004. 1 2 3 4  O © Galerie Horizon, 2012