© Galerie Horizon, 2012 Sergey Lukyanov ( Сергей  Лукьянов ) was born in 1964 in Ozerele, Russia. He entered the first Art School at the age of 10 and graduated four years later. From 1978 - 1981 he studied at the Bogorodskoye Colle of Art .After his graduation he followed a seven years course at a college for art and theatre. Until 1991 he worked at the famous Surikov State Art Institute in Moscow. He also worked in the Graphics Department of the Repin Art Institute of Sankt Petersburg. Sergey calls his work Russian Metaphysic Art, a unique interpretation of Surrealism. His paintings show many symbolic elements, as well as philosophical texts.   O O 3   4 5 6 O Links :  http://www.lukyanov-art.ru/ http://artodyssey1.blogspot.nl/search/label/Sergey%20Lukyanov © Galerie Horizon, 2012