© Galerie Horizon, 2012 Evgeniya ( Jenja ) Barakina ( Евгения Баракина ) is a young Russian artist, born in the northern region of Russia, in Yakutiya. She graduated from the Monumental Art Academy in Sankt Peterburg. Her diploma-work (for the Russian Bank ) resulted in a Grand Prix  in the concours "Muses of Sankt Peterburg 2000" Since 2002 she lives and works in Belgium and The Netherlands. where she had numerous exhibitions. Recently she was selected as most promising artist by the Belgium Calling organisation. 35 1  O T r i p t y c h  “Masters” 2  O Jenja at  work in Galerie Horizon Links:  www.barakina.com http://www.galerie-twaalf.nl/kunstenaars/evgeniya_barakina.php http://www.amersfoortartgalerie.nl/evgeniya_barakina.html http://www.downtoart.be/kunstenaars_detail_body.asp?id=34 © Galerie Horizon, 2012